Beasts and Monsters Edit

Delirium - (deh-leer-ium) delirium are souls that have become trapped on the phantom road, and eventually lost all that made them whole. They become depraved, starved creatures that will feed on anything they can get their hands on.

Gnarls - (narls)  Gnarls are a savage race.  Although their origins are a mystery, their ambitions are not.  Clustered together in primitive tribes, gnarls are motivated by power, and greed.  They are unpredictable creatures that will attack from the shadows, but cower before strength.  They are a likely pawn for those who know how to bend and manipulate.

Drakin - (dray-kin)  Drakin dominated the landscape when Denoril's first settlers reached its shores, but now they are a fading memory.  Thought to be a threat to livestock and settler alike, Liege Lords placed a gold bounty on them.  Hunters took more than sport in their destruction, and many a man laden his pockets with provincial gold at their expense.  There are rumored to be few of the slippery, scaled beasts left now, prowling the dark, untamed expanses of the wilds.


Bardaqs - (bar-dacks)  A minescule goblinoid creature, no larger than a sewer rat.  Bardaqs cluster together in damp, dark places, and prefer to swarm their prey by overwhelming numbers.  Their teeth are as sharp as sewing needles, and their bite is poisonous.  Woe to any who set out unawares, for the biggest of threats may come from the smallest of beasts.

Trolls - (common)  Trolls are a vile, bastardization of nature.  They live only in bogs and burned out forests, and can mask their appearance.  There are those that say the only meal a troll will not consider is the one it cannot fit into its mouth, but there are others that would disagree.  Perhaps it is only those meals that they cannot catch.


Durjj - (derj)  Little is known about the durjj.  Perhaps that is because any who has been unfortunate enough to meet one, doesn't live to speak of it.  They are a subterranean race, and can move with absolute grace in utter darkness.  They have no rival above ground, or below, in strength and tenacity, yet their greatest asset might just be their cunning.

Deathfisher - (death-fisher)  There are few predators that exist in the world that are as efficient hunters and trappers as deathfishers.  They weave a sticky and almost invisible web across trails, between trees, and over cave entrances, and wait.  They can grow to the size of a respectable dog, and are strong enough to lift a grown deer into a tree.  Pity the traveler that mistakes them for a spider.

Strangers - (stray-engers)  They see, they hear, they hunt.  Settlers call them strangers because they defy understanding.  They can move like a man, but also like a beast.  You will never see them coming, and if you hear them, it is already too late.  Some think that they were men once, lost to the wilds. Perhaps lost to themselves.

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